Erin Ryan

Erin Ryan LMjoins the amazing global team as a midwife with 15 years who has attended over 900 births out of the hospital. She has taught gentle birth to midwives, doctors and mothers internationally. She is currently working on her Masters in Public Health at UC Berkeley. She is thrilled to be joining with the midwives of Morocco to expand their midwifery and help build bridges with local doctors.

Natalia Richat MD

Peditriacn from Boliva. Worked last ___ _years in ____ and has collaborated with NouSol for ____ years . She is dedicated to _______. When not working as a doctor she is expanding her herbal knowledge.______ and ???

Maru Dumming

Maru is a dedicated birth activist working in her home country of Argentina to change the birth model. In Argentina the c-section rate is the 7th highest in the world. Maru works as a childbirth educator and doula, collaborating with doctors and midwives in the hospital to promote natural birth and parents' right to choose. Her work in her home town reflects the belief of Midwife to Midwife that birth culture must be created by women in their countries


Joel Lopez

 As a traveling photographer, Joel saw many injustices and realized it was not enought to only document these but that he should be working to support people through education for a better life.  Joel founded NouSol in 2007.  Originally focused in Senegal the work of NouSol has spread world wide. Currently there are projects in Senegal, Nepal, India and Morocco.