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Join us in imagining a world where every baby on earth is born into safe hands though shared practice and wisdom that ensures the best outcomes for all involved: midwives, mothers, babies and families.

Midwife to Midwife works to empower isolated traditional midwives by collaborating with local communities to identify problem areas and expand knowledge and skills of midwives as well as creating support networks with local hospitals thus ensuring all pregnant women access to a skilled provider.

How can you help?

It's easy! We are a volunteer based program and we rely on donations.  All funds raised will be used program cost and supplies. Thanks to our partnership with Global Aurora Foundation your donations are100% tax deductible!  All donations great and small are deeply appreciated.


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Birthing kit for mothers

Mother Birth Kit

No matter where mother's birth they need to supply their own birth kit.  Without a kit they will not have sterile supplies needed for the baby's safety.  Included: gloves, soap, cord string, razor, gauze, baby hat and blanket.

Donate a Birth Kit $13

Midwife kit: Pinard Horn, Heart Strings, timer and blood pressure cuff (not shown)

Midwife Kit

This kit was designed by Rachel Zaslow of Mother Health International and allows midwive who cannot read to monitor the baby's heart tones. We are also including a blood pressure cuff.  These tools will help her to know if mother and baby are healthy or need to be referred to a hospital.  Midwives will complete a workshop before being given a kit to ensure she has the skills to use the equipment.

Donate a Midwife Kit $30

Teaching Doll

Having realistic dolls helps teach mothers about the birth process and breastfeeding.  The doll can also be used to teach midwives about birth, cutting of the cord and delivering the placenta.

Donate a teaching doll $50

Deluxe teaching kit for midwives.

Deluxe Teaching Kit

This kit would allow the training midwives to practice normal healthy childbirth in a realistic simulation.  Midwives can handle the baby and pelvis to better understand how a baby moves through the bones to be born.

Donate a deluxe teaching kit $160

Ultimate Teaching Kit

The Pronto Pack provides all supplies needed to teach birth, immediate postpartum and postpartum hemorrhage. This kit includes "birth pants", injection pad, and crying baby for the most realistic birth simulations.  Our Dream Kit!!

Donate a ultimate pronto pack $500


100% of donations goes directly to programing.  Every dollar given will plant seeds of education that will grow within this community and beyond.   Give today.


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