Mission Statement:

Midwife to Midwife believes that people are agents of their own change within their own communities and cultures. Awakening the inner-knowing of women and their families and their healthcare providers is especially important in the childbearing years.  Midwife to Midwife is a unique approach to supporting traditional midwives and the mothers they serve.

Rather than impose a hierarchical approach or western medical model of motherbaby care, we help integrate culturally appropriate wisdom, to best serve the families within their own communities. Helping them find their own unique and effective model of care, to reduce the risks of motherhood, and support infant survival.

Via collaboration, gathering women together to share knowledge and skills, the midwives in communities may envision and implement culturally appropriate ways to serve women in pregnancy, birth and beyond improving outcomes for both mothers and babies.

Nousol has put together a team from many health and education related backgrounds and disciplines to join with the traditional midwives, mothers and hospitals, to better understand the reproductive health situation there and generate creative solutions. The team of teachers, midwives, doctors, doulas and artists will collaborate on mother-baby issues identified by the communities. Together we will set upon a journey that leads to respectful, safe mother-baby care.